Teacher resources

Teacher supports

The teacher page features a two-week family engagement plan, complete with daily messages to parents. We’re also offering free virtual PDs and PLCs, led by teachers, for teachers. These will prepare teachers to lead Family-Educator Learning Accelerators, or FELAs, which are 5-10 week cycles during which teachers and parents share a game plan to help children reach reading goals. Can you think of a better way to support learning amidst school closures?

Virtual family engagement coaching plan

Looking for a plan to engage families? Download our coaching guide. It’s also packed with ideas (and scripts!) for connecting personally with families–through videos, chats, Facebook live events or phone calls.

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Springboard Learn

Springboard Collaborative seasonal leaders and teachers,

Springboard uses blended learning to prepare and train staff. Blending learning delivery includes online learning on our learning platform, Springboard Learn. Click on “Go to Springboard Learn” to start or continue your learning journey.

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Springboard Collaborative teacher group on Facebook

We’d love you to join and be part of our Springboard Teacher Group on Facebook.

This group is for ALL educators interested in sharing and learning more about building relationships with families to close the reading achievement gap. We encourage everyone to participate! Join this group to be a part of our professional learning network and peer resource share. Click the button below to join now!

Springboard Collaborative webinars for educators

FELA: A framework that provide explicit tools and strategies to support at-home reading growth.

In April and May, we hosted and recorded series of 4 live webinars where we show you HOW to help families support their children towards continued reading growth while learning at home. Participants will learn about our FELA approach. FELA (Family Educator Learning Accelerator) is a straightforward team approach to helping students make progress in their learning during a set amount of time. Every FELA has a beginning, middle, and end with clear, actionable steps for the family educator team. This introduction will help walk you through the steps. 

Webinar recordings coming soon

Family resources

This page has everything families need, including information on weekly virtual family workshops! Family workshops are a staple within Springboard’s approach to family engagement. Families are welcome to join us for a series of weekly virtual family workshops where we teach families reading strategies to use with their children at home. This is an event for the whole family!

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Springboard Collaborative would like to partner with you in delivering the added resources that families and children need most to maintain reading progress at home.

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