Summer and Afterschool

Schools and districts look to our flagship Summer and Afterschool programs for…

Fully-managed support

Summer and Afterschool partners value the convenience and peace of mind that come with turnkey features, a dedicated implementation team, and on-demand management support.

An established record of strong academic results

Springboard’s signature offering consistently generates 3 months of reading growth for partners that implement the playbook with fidelity, supported at every step by Springboard’s team.

Premium resources

All the bells and whistles, including printed instructional materials, student action plans, and premium incentives, make this program feel extra special to students, families, and teachers.

What does fully-managed support look like?

Springboard’s 5-10 week flagship program includes:

  • Daily literacy instruction using a Science of Reading curriculum that aligns with the National Reading Panel’s “big 5” areas of strong reading instruction (15-19 hours/week in Summer; 3 hours/week in Afterschool)
  • 10-hours of site-based teacher training on program implementation
  • Family engagement resources including family book packs, family workshop curriculum, access to our reading strategy app, and student incentives
  • Implementation support from Springboard including program directors and local leadership


What are the expected outcomes?

On average, students in our flagship program experience a 3-month reading gain. Family training workshops consistently also average 88% attendance.


Across all grades, program participants showed improvement on their reading assessments. An external evaluation found that the largest gains were for students who started below grade level. For example, rising fourth graders who started programming more than a year below grade-level averaged a 4.4-month gain.



How do we start a partnership?

A partnership begins with a commitment to serve at least 60 children for summer programming or 30 children for afterschool programming. Schools select their own students, teachers, and paraprofessionals. Springboard Collaborative then co-manages program design and enrollment and completely manages implementation. This combines the capacity-building benefit of a do-it-yourself approach with the convenience and savings of an all-inclusive package.

Let’s start a conversation to discuss options that match your reality and budget. Whether in-person or virtual, we can help.