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How does Springboard benefit my school(s)?

Springboard empowers school communities to dramatically improve literacy outcomes by building internal capacity in four ways:

Reading growth

We develop your children as readers by increasing high-quality instruction at home and school in order to help students reach ambitious reading goals.

Parent engagement

We develop your parents as teachers by training and equipping family members to be effective reading coaches, delivering one-on-one literacy support at home.

Teacher coaching

We develop your teachers as instructors through training, Professional Learning Communities, and coaching on data-driven instruction and family engagement.

Leadership development

We develop your leadership pipeline by guiding Site Leaders through a management training program.

Springboard transforms schools from within by helping them harness the potential in parent-teacher collaboration.

How can we start a partnership?

A partnership begins with an agreement to serve 120 students in 8 classrooms at each Summer site and/or 45 students in 3 classrooms at each Afterschool site. Schools select their own students and teachers, and Springboard manages implementation. This combines the capacity-building benefit of a do-it-yourself approach with the convenience and savings of an all-inclusive package.

How do schools finance the partnership?

We work exclusively with resource-constrained schools, which have found myriad ways to resource their Springboard partnership. Schools usually perceive the value and finance the contract across a few key areas: literacy intervention; teacher PD/coaching; out-of-school time; family engagement; and, in some cases, technology. In addition to Title I, Springboard is a close fit for both Title II teacher Professional Development funds and Title III ELL funds. Some schools get creative with their accounting and split the pre-program teacher PD into a different fiscal year than the instructional portion.

Springboard Mission

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