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Springboard Collaborative coaches teachers and parents to help kids read on grade level. We help schools dramatically improve outcomes by harnessing the untapped potential in family engagement.

For nearly a decade, Springboard has coached teachers and parents to set goals together, practice evidence-based reading strategies, measure progress, and celebrate success. We call this framework FELA, or Family-Educator Learning Accelerator. FELAs are 5-10 week cycles during which teachers and parents share a game plan to help children reach learning goals. This methodology drives results and powers all of Springboard’s program offerings. To learn more about FELA, download our free toolkit now.

Out-of-school time programs


case study

Case Study

Fresno Unified School District

Springboard’s Summer and Afterschool programs are designed as immersive professional development experiences that build lasting internal capacity. Kids become stronger readers, parents learn to teach reading at home, and teachers improve their practice. Students average a 3-4 month reading gain, closing the gap to grade-level performance by more than half in just 5-10 weeks. Parent attendance at weekly workshops average 91%. Delivered either in-person or virtually, these programs combine:

  • Daily reading instruction for Pre-K through fourth-graders,
  • Weekly workshops training parents to teach reading at home,
  • A rigorous coaching cycle for teachers, 
  • An incentive structure that awards learning tools to families.

Both Summer and Afterschool can be implemented as a fully-managed solution (flagship) or through a train-the-trainer model (affiliate).

Springboard learning accelerators

Springboard Learning Accelerators (SLA) provide the structure and support educators and families need to set and achieve reading goals. Over a 5- to 10-week period, SLAs help students boost reading skills while also strengthening family-educator relationships. SLAs serve as a starter pack for schools or districts looking to implement Springboard’s game-changing FELA framework.

Learning Accelerators can be implemented remotely or in-person at any time during the year (including summer!).

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