Your playbook for Family-Educator collaboration



Families are experts in their kids.

Teachers are experts in instruction.

We bring them together to drive reading gains at scale.

Why districts choose Springboard Collaborative

Our partners choose Springboard Collaborative because they: 

  • Believe family-educator collaboration can accelerate reading outcomes

  • Seek supports for struggling readers that deliver consistent, measurable results

  • Need additional capacity to launch and manage reading programs at scale

  • Desire fully-scripted materials, PD, and ongoing coaching to relieve over-burdened teachers

  • Know that systematic, explicit literacy instruction is crucial for young readers

“Springboard Collaborative is unlike any teaching experience or educational program that I’ve been a part of. Unlimited growth can happen when students, parents, and teachers work together.”


— Teacher, San Jose, CA

Our flexible playbook for PreK-3rd graders is delivered by district staff but supported by Springboard Collaborative’s implementation team. Our model includes three core components:

Daily instruction grounded in the science of reading

Upskilling families to unlock hours of at-home reading practice

Coaching support and turnkey materials for teachers and leaders

Some of our partners

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