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Springboard partners with school networks from coast to coast. We are honored to have major vendor agreements with some of the nation’s largest school districts, as well as longstanding relationships with charter and parochial schools. Though we serve a broad and diverse range of school communities, they all have something in common: they demand the best for their students and invest in partnerships that help them thrive. Learn more about Springboard’s presence in each city below!

Philadelphia, PA

Springboard was founded in Philadelphia in 2012. Springboard’s partnerships in Philadelphia include long-term relationships with the school district, charters, and Catholic schools. We are proud to partake in the city’s rich tradition of innovation; Philadelphia is Springboard’s ‘test kitchen’ where we often pilot new offerings before rolling them out nationally.


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Washington, DC

Springboard was first brought to DC through a partnership with DC Public Schools in 2016. In 2017, Springboard grew its reach with a partnership with Two Rivers Public Charter School.


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New York, NY

In 2017, Springboard conducted programming in NYC for the first time. Our founding school partners included Public Prep, PAVE, and Global Community Charter School. Our partnership with these schools allowed us to bring programming to over 300 NYC scholarsacross Central Harlem, the Lower East Side, and Brooklyn. We are eager to cultivate district partnerships, which are a cornerstone of Springboard’s presence in every city.

In the 2017-18 academic year, we hope to launch Springboard Afterschool to offer a double dose of support to the readers that need it most. New York—Brooklyn specifically—is home to the East Coast Executive Director.


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Oakland, CA

Springboard expanded to Oakland in 2015 in partnership with Oakland Unified School District and Education For Change and with anchor funding from the GreenLight Fund, the Kenneth Rainin Foundation, and the Rogers Family Foundation. Since then, Springboard Summer has quadrupled in size while replicating the same outstanding outcomes.

In 2016, we introduced Springboard Afterschool, which is accelerating reading progress for 134 kids at 3 sites. In Summer 2017, Springboard plans to run programming at 11+ schools serving 1,000+ kids; training 1,200+ parents; coaching 80+ teachers; and supporting 11+ school leaders. Next year, we intend to grow the reach of Springboard Afterschool, giving an additional boost to struggling readers.

Springboard’s partnerships in Oakland include long-term relationships with the school district and charter partners. Springboard is also actively participating in the mayor’s Oakland Promise initiative, working toward systemic impact across the city.


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San Francisco, CA

Springboard launched in San Francisco in Summer 2017 through a partnership with the San Francisco Unified School District. We served 120 students; trained 150+ parents; and coached 8 teachers as part of a single-site pilot in the Bayview neighborhood.

Though this was a small launch for Springboard, we are thrilled about the potential to soon make large-scale impact across the city. This hits close to home… literally. San Francisco is home to Springboard’s CEO as well as the Bay Area Executive Director.

Along with Oakland and San Jose, San Francisco offers Springboard an essential platform for making an impact across the Bay Area.


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San Jose, CA

Springboard was launched in San Jose in Summer 2017 through a partnership with Alum Rock Unified Elementary School District and with anchor funding from The Peery and Shortino Foundations. We are thrilled to have served 300+ students; trained 400+ parents; coached 21+ teachers; and supported 3+ school leaders in the district.


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