Our approach

The problem

Picture a child’s time as an orange. Their classroom experience represents a relatively small wedge from which the education field is fixated on squeezing more and more juice. However, children spend 75% of their waking hours outside of the classroom. Even high-performing schools struggle to engage parents and juice the rest of the orange. For students, this results in slow progress during the academic year and chronic regressions over the summer. 

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The solution

Springboard helps schools juice the rest of the orange, dramatically improving educational outcomes by harnessing the potential of parent-teacher collaboration. Our vision is to close the literacy gap by closing the gap between home and school. Springboard offers a suite of products and services that combine reading instruction for Pre-K through 3rd graders; workshops training parents to teach reading at home; a rigorous coaching cycle for teachers; and an incentive structure that awards learning tools to families–from books to tablets–in proportion to student reading gains.

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The impact

Among Springboard’s core values is being data-driven and outcomes-oriented. We learn through self-examination, which guides our innovation agenda and continuous improvement of programs. Check out Springboard’s latest results, as told through interactive storybooks!