Springboard Summer

Springboard Summer
Springboard Mission

How does the program work?

Home visits

Before programming, teachers visit the homes of their 15 students to build parent buy-in and lay the foundation for a strong partnership.

Reading instruction

Each scholar is placed in a small class with up to 15 students on a similar reading level. During instruction, they focus on reading, phonics, and writing. Each child receives personalized instruction every day.

Family workshops

Teachers lead workshops for families every Wednesday morning. Here parents learn how to pick the right book and ask questions before, during, and after reading. Families get ample time to practice reading with their child with the guidance and support of the classroom teacher.

Rewards for success

Families that attend at all 5 workshops qualify for educational incentives. Available incentives may include additional books, a backpack with school supplies, and a tablet. As parents gain the teaching skillset, we want them to have the same tools available in a classroom.

Staff development

Teachers participate in Professional Development, a rigorous 5-week teacher coaching cycle, and weekly Professional Learning Communities to improve their practice in data-driven instruction and family engagement. Site Leaders, hired from within the school, participate in a leadership development program.

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Springboard Mission

How will it benefit my school(s)?

Reading growth

We develop your children as readers by replacing chronic summer learning losses with significant and lasting reading gains.

Parent engagement

We develop your parents as teachers by training and equipping family members to be effective reading coaches, enabling schools to capture educational value from the place kids spend 75% of their waking hours: home.

Teacher coaching

We develop your teachers as instructors by leading professional development and a 5-week coaching cycle on data-driven instruction and family engagement.

Leadership development

We develop your leadership pipeline by guiding Site Leaders through a management training program.

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Springboard Mission

How will it benefit my family?

Families return to Springboard year-after-year, enjoying four main benefits:

Reading growth

Instead of falling behind during the summer, children improve their reading and start the next year ahead of the game.


Families are also grateful for the bonding experience Springboard affords them as they embark on the reading journey with their child.

Tools & resources

Families receive a customized collection of 7 books, along with access to an online library with thousands of books in multiple languages. Weekly workshops empower and equip parents to be effective home literacy coaches. Families also have an opportunity to earn additional tools including books, school supplies, and tablets.


Family workshops consistently average 90%+ attendance, creating a vibrant community of parents and teachers that support each other in realizing a goal they share: children’s educational success.

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