Rebecca Block


Assistant Vice President, Innovation & Improvement

Rebecca Block has been working at the intersection of education, innovation, and evaluation for almost two decades. As a professor at Daytona State College, an open access institution in Florida, she founded the college’s award-winning writing center and obtained tenure. After seeing how many students entered college disheartened and uninspired about the opportunities before them, however, she gave up tenure and entered the nonprofit sector, determined to support all the hard work happening in K-12 education. With this goal in mind, she served as the VP of Research and Evaluation at The Future Project, founding their R&E department and launching new impact evaluation tools.


Now as Springboard Collaborative’s Sr. Director of Innovation and Evaluation, Rebecca is excited to work with colleagues with such a deep love for data-driven improvement and a passion for finding the best possible ways to unite families, teachers, and scholars in closing the opportunity gap. Her favorite unpublished children’s books are the ones her six year old produces — but her favorite published one is The Phantom Tollbooth, which she can’t wait to read to her sons when they are old enough to enjoy it.