Luis Bernal

Partnership Development Director

Luis Bernal is the Partnership Development Director for the East Coast. After Luis experienced the disparity community income levels can cause between the two school districts he attended, Luis grew passionate in exploring how to improve social structures that limit individuals’ potential outcomes. Through his work, Luis has seen how the lack of access to a quality education can be a gatekeeper to success. As a teacher in Philadelphia and Chicago schools, Luis leveraged family relations to drive student outcomes and quickly realized that our community families are one of the greatest resources that have gone untapped in our schools. Luis is an Alumnus of Teach for America. He holds a BA with honors and a Child Advocacy certificate from Montclair State University and graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Pennsylvania with a M.S. in Urban Education. Luis likes to think that his love for plants and nature started with his favorite childhood book “La expedición botánica contada a los niños” by Elisa Mújica.