Adjua McNeil

Director of Assessment

Adjua McNeil is approaching her twentieth year as an educator and action researcher, specializing in the development and assessment of communication skills. She attended Columbia and Temple Universities for her undergraduate work, plugging away at a degree in Linguistics with a clinical concentration, while teaching ECE and raising three sons.  After two years of clinical work, she soon came to see the limitations of service associated with a caseload or class size–leaving speech-language pathology for the world of test making and curriculum development. Since completing a master’s in Educational Psychology from Temple University, she has worked with local and national nonprofits and government agencies to assist learners who are more likely to be underserved by the traditional education system, especially LESLLA learners and youth and adults with cognitive disabilities.  Her breakthrough to independent reading was Little Golden Book’s Smokey the Bear. “Everyone should experience that sense of independence and empowerment!”