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Caleb Booker


Senior Warehouse Manager, East Coast

Caleb Booker joined Springboard in February 2021 and is now the Warehouse Manager. He was born and raised in Philadelphia, and he values hard work, leadership and attentiveness. Being the son of an educator he has always lived many different lives and has traveled to many places and has been encouraged and enlightened all through, and because of his ability to read and the fact that books filled his home. He has learned from his parents, his scoutmasters along with other people that have become the village of people who helped to see that he was reared to always be the best he can and to always give back to his community. Being an Eagle Scout he believes in and tries to follow the Scout laws in his daily life. Educated in the Philadelphia School System and graduating Salutatorian was one goal completed with many more to go in his quest for higher education and equal education for all. In his free time he likes to travel and spend time with family and friends, his favorite book growing up was “ The Giver” by Lois Lowery.