Springboard Schoolyear

Springboard Schoolyear
Springboard Mission

How does the roadmap work?

Springboard’s Summer and Afterschool programs build the requisite mindsets and skillsets for school systems to take on culture change. Springboard Engage is the framework for sustaining and operationalizing effective parent-teacher collaboration. Through the pilot initiative, Springboard is training school-based staff to implement home visits, parent-teacher goal setting, family workshops, and report card conferences.

Teacher PD & coaching

Site Leaders lead up-front professional development and ongoing Professional Learning Community sessions focused on best practices in family engagement, goal-setting, and collaborative reading plans.

Family orientation

Teachers invite families to participate and welcome them at the school.

Home visits

Teachers visit families in their homes in order to build relationships and lay the foundation for a strong partnership.

Student action plans

With support from Site Leaders, teachers create and communicate individualized reading plans that include classroom and home interventions.

Family workshops

Teachers lead quarterly workshops that train families to select on-level books and ask questions before, during, and after reading.

Family resources

Springboard distributes books to families at every workshop and report card conferences and also provides access to an online leveled library.

Springboard Mission

How will it benefit my district?

Springboard Engage helps teachers and families forge deep academic partnerships. As a result, teachers improve their instructional practice and build habits around effective family engagement; parents become effective home literacy coaches and internalize the habit of goal-setting with their children; and students benefit from meaningful increases in reading proficiency.

We will leverage Springboard’s Summer and Afterschool programs to train a fleet of teachers and leaders that are ready to weave family engagement into their school culture. By moving cohorts of schools through a training progression with a gradual release to Engage, we can help school systems internalize the ethos of family engagement, forming deep and lasting habits around parent-teacher collaboration, and, as a result, dramatically improve literacy outcomes.

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Springboard Mission

How will it benefit my family?

Families will benefit from a school community in which they are fully included, valued, and supported. Parents will gain skills, resources, and guidance to get in the driver’s seat of their children’s academic journey. Teachers and parents will enjoy closer and more strategic relationships; they will support each other — and hold one another accountable — as partners in students’ success. Additionally, families receive books for every event they attend throughout the school year, including report card conferences, workshops, and back to school night.

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