Springboard Afterschool

Springboard Afterschool
Springboard Mission

How does the program work?


In January, Springboard trains teachers to analyze assessment data, create individualized action plans, and communicate plans to families.


Over 10 weeks in February–April, Springboard repeats this cycle:


On Mondays, each school’s dedicated coach helps teachers plan for differentiated instruction and effective parent collaboration. They return later in the week to give feedback in real-time.

Guided reading

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, students receive one hour of targeted, small group reading instruction.

Family workshops

On four Wednesdays during programming, teachers lead workshops to equip families with strategies and resources.


Springboard distributes educational incentives—including books and tablets—during a capstone celebration at the end of programming.

Springboard Mission

How will it benefit my school(s)?

Springboard Afterschool is a solution for bottom quartile readers for whom summer gains alone will not fully close the reading achievement gap. It is also engineered as a rigorous coaching experience for teachers.

Teacher coaching

We develop your teachers as instructional leaders by combining explicit Professional Development, real-time coaching, and applied practice in a coherent framework that maximizes growth.

Reading growth

We develop your children as readers by harnessing out-of-school-time to improve literacy for the students that need it most.

Parent engagement

We develop your parents as teachers by training and equipping family members to be effective reading coaches, enabling schools to dramatically increase instructional hours in ways that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive.

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Springboard Mission

How will it benefit my family?

Reading growth

By accelerating their progress during the academic year, struggling readers are able to catch up to their peers.


Families are also grateful for the bonding experience Springboard affords them as they embark on the reading journey with their child.

Tools & resources

Families receive a customized collection of 7 books, along with access to an online library with thousands of books in multiple languages. Workshops empower and equip parents to be effective home literacy coaches. Families also have an opportunity to earn additional tools including books, school supplies, and tablets.


Family workshops consistently average 90%+ attendance, creating a vibrant community of parents and teachers that support each other in realizing a goal they share: children’s educational success.

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