As the sun blazes high and school bells fall silent, the pages of great books can whisk young readers away on sizzling adventures. From lazy days by the pool to thrilling camp experiences, summer literature has the power to ignite imaginations, spark curiosity, and create lasting memories.

With an ocean of wonderful options to dive into, it can be a challenge for educators and parents to fish out the perfect beach reads for their little sun-seekers. To help you navigate this sea of stories, we’ve compiled a sun-soaked collection of summer tales that are sure to make a splash with young readers.

Whether it’s stories of backyard explorations, cross-country road trips, or magical summer camps, these books capture the essence of freedom, fun, and discovery that defines the season. So grab your sunscreen, find a shady spot, and get ready to embark on literary adventures that will keep young minds active and engaged long after the last firefly has twinkled out.


llama llama Sand and Sun book cover

Llama Llama Sand & Summer by Anne Dewdney



Everything Grows book cover
Everything Grows by Raffi


I See Summer book cover

I See Summer by Charles Ghigna


Hope is a Rainbow book cover

Hope is a Rainbow by Hoda Kotb

First Grade

Summer Vacation, Here I Come! book cover

Summer Vacation, Here I Come! by D.J. Steinberg


My Magical Choices book cover

The Magic of Me: My Magical Choices by Becky Cummings

Second Grade

And Then Comes Summer book cover

And Then Comes Summer by Tom Brenner


This is the Rope book cover

This is the Rope by Jacqueline Woodson

Third Grade

Just Like Me book cover

Just Like Me by Vanessa Brantley-Newton


Tar Beach book cover

Tar Beach by Faith Ringgold

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