As a data-driven organization, Springboard assesses much of its impact quantitatively. We always remember, though, that every pixel in every graph represents a person: a child, parent, or teacher whose life is impacted by Springboard.
As you engage with the infographic below, click on this icon to experience the stories behind the statistics.


Picture a child’s
time as an orange


Their classroom experience represents a wedge that the education field is focused on squeezing more and more juice from.


Springboard exists to help schools juice the rest of the orange, dramatically improving educational outcomes by harnessing the untapped potential in family engagement.

In 2015, Springboard deepened its presence with record enrollment levels and widened its reach by expanding to the Bay Area.

map map-pin map-pin map-line

We’re growing, coast-to-coast

Meet our school partners
in 2015 We added four
schools in Oakland, CA

we’ve grown from 42 to 1,970 students…

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

… and from 4 to 143 teachers

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

In just 5 weeks, Springboard Summer scholars replaced
the typical 3-month loss with
a 3.3-month reading gain.

end of school year
typical end-of-summer 3-month loss
after springboard summer 3.3-month gain
6.3-month lift

Closing the achievement gap

After a single intervention, Springboard closed
the achievement gap by an astonishing average of:

This graph shows students’ reading progress
relative to grade-level expectations:

  • Students’ lifetime reading achievement before Springboard
  • Reading gain during 5-week summer intervention
  • Gap remaining to reach grade-level reading expectations

Most recently
completed grade level

K 1st 2nd 3rd End of kindergarden End of 1st grade End of 2nd grade End of 3rd grade

Reading level expectation

Springboard’s ambition is to fully close
the reading achievement gap by 4th grade
, giving children the requisite literacy skills to access life opportunities and realize their full potential.

The achievement gap starts before kindergarten…
and so do we. Springboard Summer nearly tripled the percentage of reading-ready scholars and helped more than 30% begin to read independently.

Reading Readiness

  • Not yet
  • Ready-
  • Reading

With over 90% of families attending weekly training workshops,
Springboard is out ahead of the field proving a simple fact:
parents’ love for their children is the single greatest and most
underutilized natural resource in education

family engagement over the years



Families earn learning tools—books, school supplies, and tablets—
in proportion to their children’s reading progress.

43% exceeded goals
books plus bag plus tablet
70% met goals
books plus bag
90% earned incentives

Springboard trains parents to ask questions before, during, and after reading with their children. Through 5 weeks of coaching and practice, we turn those effective coaching behaviors into lasting habits:

Frequency of parent-child reading time

Percentage of parents
who read with their children

week-1 Never week-2 1-3 days a week week-3 4-6 days a week week-4 Every day

Duration of parent-child reading time

Percentage of parents
who read with their children

time-1 0–5 minutes time-2 5–15 minutes time-3 16 minutes or more
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“Children’s programs are most successful when they leverage the most important—and difficult—job in the world: parenting... It’s far less expensive to coach parents to support children than to maintain prisons years later.”

—Nick Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn

Accelerating the school year

Springboard Schoolyear trains teachers to effectively target instruction and coach families in order to accelerate struggling readers’ progress during the academic year. This intervention spans the third quarter of the year and features a combination of teacher coaching, small-group instruction, family training workshops, and incentives.

Springboard Schoolyear scaled 4x
to serve 150 scholars in 4 schools. The intervention helped students exceed middle-income expectations for quarterly reading progress.

2.5-month gain

Expected quarterly
reading progress

3.2-month gain

Progress with family
engagement solution

Staff development

1 Solve problems
3 Drive
2 Build
4 Take

We develop schools’ existing staff through a 5-week coaching cycle for teachers and a leadership development program for Site Managers. This creates an organic pipeline from teacher to manager to school leader. 75% of 2012 Site Managers and 50% of 2013 SMs have successfully attained school leadership roles.

Springboard builds lasting, internal capacity by developing teachers as instructors, parents as partners, Site Managers as leaders, and children as readers.


This program has done wonders for my granddaughter’s reading level and mostly for her confidence! She and her brother would go to bed reading to each other and they were so responsible about filling out their folders each night. To me that was the most amazing thing...that their motivation to

read was maintained for the entire 5 weeks. My granddaughter's reading level went from 16 to 20 and her teacher said she probably could have kept going in her assessment. Her fluency has greatly improved, she's confident and very proud of herself, and she's enjoyed reading more things around her (like signs and t-shirts)..."


I learned how to engage my children by letting them choose the books, picture walking through the book, making predictions based on the pictures, reviewing the predictions, and breaking down difficult words."


Both my children earned tablets at the end of this program and they were ecstatic! They really just couldn't believe someone would give them a tablet for reading. It was a great opportunity for me to explain to them that those incentives represent just how important it is that they learn to be strong readers. My initial reaction to incentives for learning was not very favorable. In my ‘grown-up’ mind, learning is the reward because knowledge is useful. However, having

struggled for 2 years with my daughter’s reading, I started a reward chart (15 minutes of reading = 1 sticker, 10 stickers = 1 milkshake). It worked sooooooo well! Springboard seems to tap into that burst of motivation for students and parents alike to achieve an intense learning experience that is FUN. The incentives seem to provide strong motivation over a short amount of time which the kids see as attainable."


For my son, I have been learning to be a little bit more patient with him, listening to him and letting him figure things out on his own instead of just reading it for him. I also try to teach him to tap out words he might struggle with. It makes me a stronger parent to help and assist him because now I know not to read for

him. I know to have him read to me. I have been learning a lot of strategies from this program. My son is reading in the car now, he reads when we stop somewhere, and he is always bringing his books everywhere we go."


What motivated me to attend the workshops? The realization that my kids’ education—specifically their progress in reading—depends on the partnership between myself, my wife, and the teacher. It takes a village."

Just like it helps the students bridge the summer learning gap, Springboard helps me as a teacher the same way. It helps to keep my skills fresh and introduces new ways to grow and expand as an educator… I look forward to having more 1 on 1 conversations with parents and providing them with strategies that will positively impact their students’ reading behaviors during the year."