The Impact

Springboard Afterschool 2019

Springboard Afterschool trains teachers to differentiate instruction and engage families to accelerate struggling readers' progress during the academic year.

Bye, mom!

Bye, honey! I’ll see you after school at the family workshop!

Afterschool Stories

Explore how one child has cultivated a new love for reading.

“I love the hands-on approach. For example, using the students to teach/show parents how to read and interact with their children to assure that the child fully understands what he/she has read.”
—Mina, Springboard family member, Washington, D.C.

Afterschool program summary

hours of small-group literacy instruction
family workshops

I can’t wait to see my mom later at school!

Chapter 1

Reading growth

Good morning, Jayla! You’re so close to reaching your reading goal! Have you been practicing at home?

Yep! My mom and I read every night.

Reading growth goals

Scholars set a goal to reach the next reading level. 70% of scholars met this goal, including 55% who exceeded it!

Met or exceeded goal Did not meet goal

Afterschool Stories

See how one student became a teacher to his siblings!

“[My child] does a lot better at home. He uses the strategies, he asks questions, and he relates to what he knows. He’s teaching his two little sisters!”
—Adrian, Springboard family member, Baltimore, MD

Reading growth

In just 10 weeks, Springboard scholars made 4.1 months, or over 16 weeks, of growth!

Start of Afterschool 10 weeks average growth 2.5 month gain Afterschool student growth 4.1 month gain

Reading achievement gap

Springboard targets students who are the farthest behind. In combination with summer programming, Springboard aims to fully close the gap.

K 1st grade 2nd grade 3rd grade 4th grade 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
End of grade level
Student lifetime reading achievement before Springboard Reading gain after 10-week Afterschool intervention Gap remaining to reach grade-level reading expectation

Soon I’ll be able to help teach my baby brother how to read!

Even I’m learning new things with Springboard!

Chapter 2

Teacher growth

Welcome to our last family workshop. Though the program will be over soon, you’ll use these reading habits for a long time!

Let’s see what our reading tip will be today!

Teacher-coach ratio

Teacher coaches support teachers with classroom observations, resources, and training.

Teacher-coach ratio

Afterschool Stories

Discover how Springboard provides teachers with tools and opportunities to hone their craft.

“I [also] grew as an educator by leading the parent workshops, which taught me how to coach families in at-home reading. It’s an experience and skill I’ll carry with me into the classroom.”
—Julia, Springboard Afterschool teacher, New York, NY

Teacher growth

Can you guess what percentage of teachers say that they could easily give family members at-home strategies to help their child during Springboard?

You got it!

It’s even better!


With the help of my Springboard coach, I’ve been able to improve my small-group instruction and learn how to equip parents with teaching strategies. That’s something I’ll take with me through the rest of my career!

I can teach reading now, just like Mr. Calderon!

Chapter 3

Family workshops

Mr. Calderon, Jayla has been having trouble retelling the story when we read together. What can I do to help her?

I noticed that, too! I made a Student Action Plan just for Jayla. It has strategies for retelling the story that we can use in the classroom and at home. Let’s go over it together!

Teacher workshop experience

Teachers believe that workshops strengthened their relationships with students’ families

I think we’ve got this reading tip down. We’ll try it again before bedtime tonight!

Afterschool Stories

Hear from Springboard families about what they took away from workshops.

“I learned to have a conversation with my child while reading. It is important to include experiences and talk about not only the book but also the world. I have really enjoyed this time to read with my daughter and just have a conversation with her about reading.”
—Isaiah, Springboard family member, San Francisco, CA

Developing long-term habits

“It has been amazing to see the shift in interests Jonah has now. He went from asking me to buy him games for his Nintendo DS to asking me for the second book of the series he is reading.”
—Nadira, Springboard family member, San Jose, CA

Family workshop experience

Families learned new strategies for supporting their children’s reading at home.

Action plans

Teachers share individualized action plans with families to integrate school and at-home learning.

Reading is more fun than it used to be!

Chapter 4

Family engagement

Hey Mr. Calderon, remember when you came to my house and we read a story to my baby brother?

I sure do!

The value of teacher-family collaboration

“The collaboration component—having the teachers and educators go out to the families' homes in home visits, as well as the family workshops—are really bringing in all of the supports that the child has so that we’re all on the same page and have the same goals in mind. We know that parents want to be there for their child, they want to help their child, they just don’t always know how.

“As educators, we’re the ones that went to school for this, we know exactly what steps are age appropriate, so sharing those tips with families so that the same tips and strategies that they’re getting in school, they’re also able to practice the same things at home as well. That’s what the family workshops do, they bridge the gap between home and school.”

—Melani, Springboard teacher, Philadelphia, PA

Afterschool Stories

See one child's progress in the eyes of their parent!

“For me, having time with my child and the teacher gave me a way to teach [my child] how to read better. It helped a lot. We keep reading the books she has from Springboard. Now she recognizes all the words herself. I try to trick her and cover the pictures, but she still knows it!”
—Taj, Springboard family member, San Jose, CA

My mom and I read all the time at home! When she’s at work, I read by myself and to baby brother, too!

Chapter 5

At-home reading

Remember what Mr. Calderon said when we went over your Student Action Plan? Can you tell me what happens first in this story?

Hmmm. I think Cat couldn’t find his way home...

Minutes read together and at home

Afterschool helped families set a reading routine to fit more reading time into their weekly schedules.

average increase in family reading time each week

Afterschool Stories

Discover how one Springboard family navigates the library.

“[Reading at home] is going well. We're getting books on his level at the library. I try to keep him in his section and I let him look at books above his level... He's making great progress. I think this program has been very beneficial.”
—Xavier, Springboard family member, Baltimore, MD

Jayla is not only a more confident reader but also a more joyful one. My favorite part of Springboard? Setting & achieving a goal with Jayla.

Mom! I reached my reading goal! That means I earned a backpack full of books!

Chapter 6

Educational incentives

Congratulations on all of your growth! I’m so proud of you. Your family and I will be at your side to help you reach more and more goals!

Thanks, Mr. Calderon!

Educational incentives

Scholars earned learning tools to support long-term reading growth.

of our students received 4 books
of our students received books & school supplies
of our students received tablets

Afterschool Stories

Hear what scholars have to say about educational incentives.

“I love coming to Springboard and getting to read books and read on computers. I work really hard and I want to earn the tablet!”
—Kloey, Springboard Afterschool scholar, San Francisco, CA

Are there other schools that do Springboard?


Expanding our impact

Hey Mom, can we read one of my new books before bed tonight?

Of course!

Springboard will help 100,000 students reach reading goals and 30,000 students read on grade level by 2023.

Families love Springboard!

We asked families if they would return to the program, and they responded with a resounding "yes"!

Afterschool is expanding!

In 2019, we held Springboard Afterschool programs in 10 cities:

Oakland (’15) San Francisco (’17) San Jose (’17) Norwalk (’18) New York (’17) Philadelphia (’11) Wilmington (’18) Baltimore (’18) DC (’16)

Growth in number
of students

Growth in number
of sites

Growth in number
of teachers

Afterschool Stories

Springboard’s results, in the eyes of a teacher.

“This is my second time working with Springboard. I saw amazing results when I first started last summer. The students I taught made a 10-month growth in 5 weeks! I eagerly signed on for helping out during the school year. Again, I was able to see an extreme amount of growth in the students I taught after school. This program is wonderful, and it works!”
—Elijah, Springboard teacher, Philadelphia, PA

Scholar demographics

Black Hispanic/Latino Asian Other/Multiracial White Unreported

Grade levels served

Kindergarten 1st 2nd 3rd 4th+

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