Springboard Afterschool

A simple but powerful approach to accelerate every child’s learning

Underlying Springboard Collaborative’s best-in-class literacy outcomes is FELA or the Family Educator Learning Accelerator, an approach for engaging every family in their child’s education. Families and educators come together to provide targeted instruction for children who might need an extra boost. Try this approach anywhere!

Springboard Mission

How does the approach work?

Small wins lead to big wins

Every 5-10 week FELA has a beginning, middle, and end with clear, actionable next steps for the family educator team. Each FELA has these essential components:


Form a team, set a goal, make a plan.


Practice time with the teacher. Practice time with the family coach. Practice time at home, independently.



What do you need?

You’ll need a teacher or educator, a family member, and a student.

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Springboard Mission

How will it benefit my school(s)?

Create a culture of parent-teacher collaboration and consistent growth

  • Invite families into their children’s learning process, increasing visibility into their child’s progress
  • Build the capacity of families as at-home coaches and educators to work in partnership
  • Reinforce the role of each partner’s efforts in maximizing growth for each child
  • Increase family engagement, including increased learning about students’ strengths and needs for each educator

When families are aware of the important role they play as the at-home coach, there is mutual accountability. Learning and community connections deepen.

Springboard Mission

How will it benefit my family?

Reinforce a culture of learning at home

  • Increase your child’s motivation for learning and attitude about schooling
  • Accelerate reading growth and overall achievement for your child
  • Develop your child’s self-esteem and growth mindset
  • Build the capacity of educators as they learn about YOUR child from your perspective

Your child will know their goal, receive coaching sessions, and celebrate their hard work with others. These FELA experiences will cultivate new, life-long habits – for you and your child.

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