Springboard Summer

A simple but powerful approach to accelerate every child’s learning

We open-sourced Springboard’s recipe for impact! Underlying our outcomes is a methodology through which teachers and parents team up to support learning at home. We call it a Family-Educator Learning Accelerator (or FELA). FELAs are 5-10-week cycles during which teachers and parents share a game plan to help kids reach growth goals.

Springboard Mission

How does a FELA work?

In the beginning, teachers and parents build a relationship, assess a baseline, and set a goal. Over 5-10 weeks, teachers and parents convene weekly or biweekly to share skills and support each other’s efforts. On a daily basis, children work toward their goal by practicing with their teachers, practicing with their families, and practicing independently. The cycle concludes by measuring progress and celebrating together; small wins lead to big wins!

How do I get started?

Download our FELA toolkit to learn how you can implement our FELA methodology in your classroom.

Springboard Mission

How will FELAs benefit my school?

FELAs can be your pandemic-proof playbook for parent engagement in learning at home. Short goal-setting cycles are more akin to interval training than marathon running; this makes distance learning an approachable, winnable, and sustainable experience for parents and teachers alike.


To dig deeper, check out this case study with Baltimore City Public Schools.

Springboard Mission

How will FELAs benefit my family?

Make learning at home approachable, sustainable, and winnable

  • Gain skills and strategies to support literacy at home
  • Get support from having teachers as teammates
  • Set and achieve goals with your kids
  • Make learning at home sustainable, even if just for 15 minutes a day