68% of fourth graders are not proficient in reading*

68% of fourth graders are not proficient in reading*

Too often, educators feel crushed by the challenge of dramatically impacting student reading outcomes all by themselves. Their jobs feel unwinnable, leading to an annual cycle of stress and burn out. District leaders feel similarly frustrated. They invest in promising practices and interventions, but reading scores hardly budge. Achievement gaps widen between historically marginalized students and their white peers. But there’s an alternative path hiding in plain sight.

Springboard Collaborative coaches families and educators to partner to help kids read on grade level by 4th grade.

We believe that families are a hugely untapped natural resource in education. If we learn to better engage families as partners in teaching and learning, we can achieve more equitable outcomes for historically marginalized students.
We coach district teachers to run our 5-10 week “playbook”, which combines small group instruction for Pre-K through 3rd graders using lessons that align with the science of reading, workshops that upskill families to teach reading at home, and professional development for teachers. 
Springboard’s implementation team trains and coaches your teachers along the way to ensure their success. 

When educators and parents collaborate, the results are extraordinary.


In just 7-10 weeks, students who read behind grade level before joining Springboard have successfully closed the gap to grade level proficiency by 42% by the end of programming


In 7-10 weeks, 85% of students achieved positive growth on literacy assessment


Teachers claimed that working with Springboard Collaborative helped their professional development


Teachers learned new techniques in literacy instruction.

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*National Assessment of Educational Partners

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