Welcome, parents and caregivers! We believe that you play an essential role in helping your child become a better reader.

As parents & caregivers, you are the experts on your kids. You are your child’s first teacher, and you know your child best as a learner and an individual. Classroom teachers have learned strategies for teaching kids to read better. Both of you are deeply invested in your child’s academic success. Springboard creates partnerships between classroom teachers and families to share strategies that help your kids become stronger readers.

Take a look around to find out more about Springboard, family workshops, and learning bonuses that your family could earn.

Family participation

Family workshops allow you to get to know your child’s teacher and to learn strategies on how to better practice reading at home. We are confident that there is no better classroom than your living room. A family representative must attend all workshops for a scholar to receive incentives. Different people may attend workshops for a scholar over the course of a Springboard session – mom, grandmother, big sibling over 16, etc.

In addition, we ask you to set a weekly goal for how long you and your child will read together each day and how long your child will read independently. Think of these goals as promises you and your child make to each other. Make a promise you can keep– be ambitious, but realistic.

Family workshops

Starting with how to pick a book for your child, you will gain tools and ideas for what to do before, during, and after reading. Once you can identify your child’s learning zone, you will guide your child in making predictions, using known clues to figure out tough words, and practicing reading more fluently and for greater comprehension.

Hour-long workshops are held on Wednesdays — in the morning for Springboard summer and after the school day for Springboard Afterschool and Schoolyear. Each session begins with a check-in and ends with time for you to practice the strategies that you just learned and consult with the teacher.

Growth goals & learning bonuses

At the beginning of each Springboard session, we ensure that every child has a recent, accurate reading assessment and then set an individual growth goal for your child. If they accomplish their goal, they are awarded with a new backpack stuffed with school supplies. If your child passes their goal, they earn a tablet. Every student who has a family representative attend all the workshops will get to self-select 4 new books, regardless of reading growth. Incentives are both a reward and a tool for you to keep reading outside of school time! As you gain the teaching skill set, we want your family to have the same tools you would find in a classroom!

Books, books, and more books

We provide a pack of 7 books for you to use to practice the strategies that you learn at the family workshops. These books are yours to keep and add to your home library. They are selected according to your child’s reading level so that they aren’t too easy or too hard. Additionally, we provide your child a login with access to books on RAZ Kids during the program.

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